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Birth Photos

As a former nurse in the high-risk pregnancy ward and a mother of four, I know the miracle and beauty of birth all too well. It was important to me to capture the moment in each of my own births and always made sure my husband had a camera in hand. I didn’t feel comfortable to have someone I didn’t know in the room with me to take professional photos and as a result I don’t have any photos similar to what you can find on my website. Today, I can admit that when I capture women from the other side with the camera, I see just how amazing, strong and brave they are – which is one of the reasons why I regret not “going for it.”


Some important details – I don’t use flash and I do not stand out. I will be a fly on the wall and you will barely notice my presence. I have a camera and large lens which can do the job without flash. The most important thing for me is not to disturb this intimate moment for you – I’ll take pictures from a distance you feel comfortable with – and if you or the midwife need my help, I will be there (which has happened before!). Most importantly, if at any moment you would like me to step out, I will do so understandingly.

The Miracle of Birth on Camera—An Unforgettable Experience

If you’re interested in hiring a birth photographer, then there’s no one better equipped for it than Shoshi Sharabi Photography! Being a mother of four myself, the ins and outs of birthing are no mystery to me. These photos will not only immortalize the very first moments of your newborn, but also be a testament to the strength and bravery that motherhood instills in you. Barely noticeable, I will be a silent observer in the room, ensuring I get all the shots that matter. The birth of a baby can be an unpredictable process, and I’m ready for whatever it may throw my way!

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