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Without a doubt the most popular session among my clients! This session captures your uniqueness as a family, together and happy holding on to those special moments of happiness you share with each other. You will see that this session is different from what you expected. Since I want to see your family act naturally, you will have the freedom to interact with your loved ones to create carefree and fun moments for photos that capture who you really are. Get ready for an experience unlike anything you imagined


(Photo gallery at the bottom of this page)

How to prepare for this session


  1. Many clients ask me what to wear to a family photo session. I personally prefer color which make your photos more invigorating. If you do decide to go with natural hues, consider adding color through accessories – whether a chunky necklace or colorful scarf which can add a lot of life into your photos.

  2. Just as important – try not to come in matching outfits which can make your photos dull.

  3. I would even recommend – if you can – to buy new clothes especially for the session. New clothes make us feel more festive and happy and I want to see that come out in your pictures.

  4. Another option is to add layers which can make your photos visually more interesting. So think about adding a sweater, an interesting piece of jewelry, scarfs, hats, belts or interesting shoes.

  5. Remember – your kids should feel comfortable in their clothes as well! If they are uncomfortable, they won’t be able to hide it! We can see exactly how our kids feel by looking at their faces and we do not want to see any angry looks!



Family Photos


  1. I like natural light so outdoors is always my preferred option – even if that means having to reschedule for another day if the weather isn’t right. However, even when I am doing a session at a client’s house I use natural light from doors and windows. This should be taken into consideration when choosing a location.

  2. The time of day is also important. You should make a note of the time of sunset on the day your session is booked and make sure to start the photo shoot at least an hour and half before.

  3. You may want to consider a location that is close to your home, is sentimental or even at your house.

How to get your children to cooperate

  1. Let’s admit it – our kids usually determine the beat. We can make dozens of plans and activities but if it’s at the wrong time – if they are hungry or overtired, we’ll know it and it won’t be pretty. Therefore, the best thing to do is to let kids be kids, if they want to run around – great! I’ll follow them and will know how to catch their natural state. If they want to sit and play or read a book – just as well (don’t forget to bring toys with you).

  2. If they want to explore the area, no problem. I want to be able to catch them being themselves. In general, if they are doing what they want it’s a lot easier than standing still for a family portrait.

  3. There are a lot of ways to get them to cooperate with a smile. After many years of experience – I’ve seen it all – so please do not be embarrassed by a tantrum or wild behavior.


Here’s an example of a girl who just wanted to play with shells:

G a l l e r y

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