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Six Facts You Should Know About Newborn Photography

When I was pregnant with three out of my four children, photography was still just a hobby which is probably why I didn’t give newborn and pregnancy photos much thought. I didn’t quite understand the unique memories I could create for each of my children.  

I admit that only after my fourth child was born I realized that I had missed the opportunity as most of the newborn positions can be done within the first two weeks after birth. This may have been my last birth, but it completely changed my life as it made me realize how much I wanted to make the memories. As a result, I went from being a nurse for high-risk pregnancy and turned to photography. I was in love.


  1. What’s the ideal age for newborn photos?
    The ideal age is between 5-14 days. During this time the baby is still sleepy and in fetal position which result in unique photos difficult to take at a later stage.

  2. How far ahead should the session be booked and what if the baby is born early or late?
    Since I get booked quickly, I recommend booking 3-4 months ahead of even earlier. Unfortunately, many customers were disappointed when calling later. Since babies often arrive unexpectedly, it’s still important to set a date which can be changed along with other babies born at different dates. Every one booked ahead will be accommodated.

  3. How long is each session?
    Most newborn sessions take 3-4 hours at the studio or your home. This gives us enough time to try different positions, clothing and accessories as well as feedings and changes. What’s important is the patience and care I give your baby.

  4. How to dress your baby for the session?
    Most of the photos are taken unclothed or partial clothing. I care for accessories such as blankets, hats, pants, bears, baskets and more. If you have additional items you would like to integrate, I am open to new ideas. 

  5. Safety and comfort of your baby
    As a mother and former nurse, safety is an important part of your experience. I ensure the room is properly heated and use accessories that are suitable for newborns (clothing washed separately). All of the positions and accessories used will first take into consideration your baby’s comfort. I will never insist on a position which will compromise the comfort or safety of your baby.

  6. How to choose a photographer?
    Today, there are many photographers with various experience and style. Cost is important but remember – you pay for what you get. In general, photographers who charge less have less experience which is why it is important to choose someone who is experienced and knows how to work with newborns. In addition, caring for your baby’s safety and the results you are looking for play a crucial role in your search

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