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Here you will find the true reason behind my love for my work and why I wake up each morning with a smile! I invite you to join me in seeing the stories and photos of these amazing women while they are pregnant or giving birth, of our amazing families and the gorgeous little ones I enjoy so much spending time with.

I get excited thinking about the photos you will be looking and smiling back at for years to come

Ligal Mesika

Ladies, I just received my newborn photos. Here is just a taste. I have to recommend the amazing photographer who took my pregnancy and newborn photos. First of all, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing woman who didn’t give up on a single photo we had envisioned ahead of time. To her credit, my little girl wasn’t easy at first but her gentle touch gave us the perfect pictures. Thank you Shoshi for a wonderful experience, for teaching me new ways to calm my daughter and for giving us unforgettable memories from the first month. Get ready for another round at her first birthday and I am sure that we will meet again during my next pregnancy and birth. I love you Shoshi Sharabi

Shiran Barashi

I felt the connection between us already on the phone – calm, gentle, attentive and honest. I was pregnant, seven months along – looking to capture my first pregnancy. Beyond your care and patience, you listened to all of my craziness and made sure that I was happy! And then, when my daughter was born – you came all the way to me and assured that we were in good, loving hands. My I had no reservations about putting my precious little one in your hands and the results are no doubt amazing! I just wanted to say thank you for everything, especially for just being you, for your endless patience – thank you! With much love and no doubt we will meet again, Shiran and Benny Barashi

‏‎Shiran Avital

To the amazing Shoshi – we just wanted to say thank you for the hard work, your energy and the amazing photos you don’t see every day. There really is no one like you

Gal Haim

Some people are chosen by their profession and without a doubt that’s you! When we searched for a newborn photographer I looked for someone who first and foremost was patient and good natured as not every day I put my child in the hands of a stranger. From our very first conversation I knew you were the perfect candidate. When you arrived, you surprised me with your patience which is admirable. You fed our little prince, changed him and most importantly showed him patience as he suffered from colic during the sessions… and most surprising is that you managed to get him to take a pacifier just as I was about to giveyou’re your creativity and exceptional professionalism throughout the session gave us an unforgettable experience unlike anything else. And as I already told you… many can hold a camera but few have the talent and patience that you have! With much love, Gal, Yaniv and Liel Itzhak

Lihi Noi

Shoshi, I want to thank you for the four amazing and exciting hours during which you showed outstanding patience and compassion toward my baby. You have a gentle touch and warm nature and I am so happy that I chose you for these one of a kind photos. You are professional beyond words and you have a touch unlike anyone I have ever met. You are amazing! Thank you. I know that we will meet for more sessions – what an amazing memory! Thank you. Thank you. Lihi


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