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Fear, together with the sweet, magical moments experienced by mother and child while breastfeeding is the main theme around the nursing photo project I have recently started.  

These photos will capture the moments your child seeks to nurse, the connection between you and your baby while feeding, and the admiration on the father’s face while he watches you both. 

As a mother of four children who nursed, I have a first-hand understanding of the special feeling and connection a mother has with her child while breastfeeding. Nothing comes close to that feeling a mother has when she gives her child the most important nourishment essential for the early stages of development which cannot be compared to any other type of food.

Unfortunately, there are many mothers who are unaware of the importance of breastfeeding and this photo session is my way of promoting the advantages yet natural beauty of breastfeeding

Nursing Session

1 hour studio session 
All images are edited proof
Package & pricing
 are shown below

Nursing Basic

1 hour

Up to 3 hrs session 
All images are edited proof
Package & pricing are shown below

Newborn & Nursing Session

3 hours

Nursing Packages

Payment and Cancellation Terms:

  1. Booking: Booking is based on the client’s agreement to the conditions outlined below

  2. Images & Packages: You are required (it's mandatory) to choose any of the offered images & packages from this category on top of the session fee

  3. Payment:

    • Unless stated differently, a session fee of $300 must be made to confirm session date. The remaining payment will be paid in full on the date of the session.

    • Sessions can be postponed up to 14 days before the session date

    • Session fee is only refundable up to one calendar month before the session date after which the session fee is nonrefundable, but can be used for a later date (if the client chooses)

    • In the event that you are entitled to a refund, a 5% service charge will be deducted.

    • Conditions for postponing sessions are applicable to all package types

  4. Travel: Travel is included in up to a 5 mile radius . Greater distances will be charged based on agreement ahead of time.

  5. Sickness: I understand that people can get unexpectedly sick. In the event of sickness, please notify Shoshi Photography as soon as possible and no later than 3 hours before the session. The session can be rescheduled as agreed by both parties up to two months from the original session. Shoshi Photography has the right to schedule at a later date due to other commitments. If the client is unable to schedule a new session within this timeframe, Shoshi Photography has the right to cancel the session without a refund. For newborn packages - In the event that a child falls sick during the session, Shoshi Photography has the right to postpone the session to an agreed upon date. In such a case, the client agrees to pay any necessary travel costs.

  6. Prints: Payments for albums, prints and products are purchased separately via Shoshi Photography online store

  7. Online Gallery: All your corrected photos will be available online for sharing.

  8. Storage: Unless stated differently, after 3 months from session date, Shoshi Photography will no longer hold responsibility to store photos.

  9. Rights: All rights are reserved to Shoshi Photography. Photos may not be copied or reproduced in any way unless purchased for by the customer. Photos may be shared on the internet (i.e Facebook, blogs etc.) if and only if approved ahead of time and using the Shoshi Photography logo.

  10. The client will sign an agreement relinquishing rights to the photos and providing Shoshi Photography the rights to reuse photos for commercial use including but not limited to awards, contests, advertising and promotion. Shoshi Photography has the right to use photos for events, articles, digital marketing, print, advertising, DVDs, websites and displays.

  11. Other: while Shoshi Sharabi will take all precautions to ensure proper storage of your photos, if for any unexpected reason photos are lost, she is not responsible to for restoring them or providing any compensation.

  12. Raw materials: raw materials will not be provided at any circumstances. The number of photos per client will be predefined based on the package paid for
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