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Important Tips for Your Maternity Photo Session

  • Seven months is the ideal time for your maternity photo session. During this time, you feel and look at your best. At 8 or 9 months, you may feel less energetic, some will be bedridden, and stretch marks will compromise your self-confidence.

  • How to prepare for your session – I recommend light makeup and a hairdo that’s easy and comfortable. This will make you feel confident and special to create the perfect photos. No need to invest in a professional – you can do it on your own. If there is a particular outfit you would like to wear – don’t forget to bring it along!

  • Before and during the session, it’s important that you feel free and therefore if there is an outfit or accessory you feel uncomfortable with – please let me know and we will make the adjustments so that you feel your best.

  • It is also important to incorporate your partner in the photos and if you have other children, they should be included as well. Don’t worry about their outfits – they should wear what makes them comfortable.

  • The session takes approximately two and a half hours which can be done indoors or outdoors (weather permitting).

  • Worried about stretch marks? First, I have the clothing and accessories to cover them up , but with Photoshop (for 20 photos) I can get rid of anything!

  • The basic package does not include an album as it’s important to me that you make the decision on the day of the session. I’d be happy to show you some samples.

  • That’s it – most importantly, come with a smile!

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